Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ride to Buhl, ID

Went for a ride down and around Buhl,ID. We rode the old highway the whole time which was a nice ride. We only did about 180 miles but it took most of the afternoon. We left around 230 and I got home just before 9, we made a lot of stops but sense I forgot my camera I didn't get any pics, I had to get these from my buddy.

One of the many waterfalls. I wanted to ride ride up to it but there was a family there and I didn't think they would like me riding my bike down the walking path.

Brett's wife Terry.

The bike ran good and I had no big problems. In King Hill I hit a crater in the middle of the rode that somehow shorted the battery and shut the bike down, I need to zip tie it down. Then when we were leaving Hagerman my foot peg came loose, those are thing I can live with though.

Rich and his girlfriend

We ate in Hagerman, I don't remember the name, they had good food and were right next to the river.

I need a new seat

The seat on my bike doesn't hold me like it should so its time to get a new one. This is the kind a seat I want, its a lil big but it looks comfortable. I found this bike online and I must say it is everything I want.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some cops are on a power trip but I have ran into alot of cool cops. Case in point; the motorcycle cop that pulled me over this weekend for doing 90mph in a 75. I also dont have mirrors on my bike so he had to pull up next to me and flag me to the side of the road, and to top it off my insurance was expired by two mounths. I figured I would be getting the shaft but he was really cool about it and was on his way home so we chated about the bike and off he went! Not even a warnning!


So I thought I would start a blog so that I could post things that interest me and get to know more like minded people. Its crazy how many people blog out there and if you don't have a blog its a pain to post a comment on there blogs. So here goes nothing.