Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ride to Buhl, ID

Went for a ride down and around Buhl,ID. We rode the old highway the whole time which was a nice ride. We only did about 180 miles but it took most of the afternoon. We left around 230 and I got home just before 9, we made a lot of stops but sense I forgot my camera I didn't get any pics, I had to get these from my buddy.

One of the many waterfalls. I wanted to ride ride up to it but there was a family there and I didn't think they would like me riding my bike down the walking path.

Brett's wife Terry.

The bike ran good and I had no big problems. In King Hill I hit a crater in the middle of the rode that somehow shorted the battery and shut the bike down, I need to zip tie it down. Then when we were leaving Hagerman my foot peg came loose, those are thing I can live with though.

Rich and his girlfriend

We ate in Hagerman, I don't remember the name, they had good food and were right next to the river.

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