Thursday, August 12, 2010

I ShaVEd mY LeGS!

Fork legs that is... I'm the kinda guy that figures if someone else can do it then so can I, I'm not going to lie it's got me into trouble more than once but if you don't try it you wont learn. I used 3 main tools most people have in there garage. 2 files, one gritty and one smooth. Grinder with cutting wheel & sanding wheel. Lastly I used my die grinder with this red disc, they have blue ones that I hear work good but I didn’t have one in my garage.

I did the left one first just to see how it would turn out. The right one was a little harder because of the brake, if you just wanted the fender tabs off this is a easy job..... really.

1st- Use the cutting wheel to cut off the tabs, don’t get very close to the fork legs though, you just need to take the big stuff off.

2ed- Grind down tell your about a 3/16in away from cutting into the forks, then hook up the sanding wheel and take it down to about a 1/16 or just before the fork legs.

3ed- Now the fun begins, take a seat and turn on some good jams because this will take awhile. I started with the more aggressive file first. Also I would do this on the bike it makes it easier. I would move the fork leg so the edge, when you’re looking at it, would just start to rise. Work your way around the leg and just keep knocking down the hump as you go around. When I got it down pretty close I would go to the fine file. You can use the outer coating as guide coat to see were the high and low spots are.

Last- I used the red wheel to take out all the small scratches. This is were I stopped because I’m going to have them powder coated, but If you wanted you could use 320 and then 500 grit to get them looking real good.