Friday, September 10, 2010

FiRst RiDe

I finally got the bike timed and fired her off today, I think I'll post a "How Too" on static timing your bike. It wasn't hard to do its just one of those things you should see first hand. I called on Crow in C-town to give me the rundown over the phone and it worked out good. I got the bars I ordered in and they looked supper crappy on the bike. Not bad bars just not good with this bike. I went ahead and cut them up and made another ridiculously narrow set of bars. I still need to polish them up and I think I'm going to add another support bar across the bottom. I also need to shorten the forks about 2in, but for now I'm just enjoying riding.


Wrecked Metals said...

Luke. Stoked you back!. Nice looking bike. I hope you wear a full faced helmut with those bars.

Luke said...

Matt. LOL.... I decided to put the point up instead of back just because it was a lil intimidating pointing right at me. Let me know if you know of any bike or car shows and well have to meet up,, later.