Friday, January 28, 2011

1955 BuiCK CeNTUry

So I've been looking for something to cruise the streets in with my family, this is something I did as a kid with my Dad and it was one of my fondest memories as a kid. So, let me digress. A few months ago I started moon lighting at a buddy's body shop at night to help him when things get busy. It works out great for me because I get to learn and also use the shop when things are slow. So anyways, I'm at the shop one night getting the carpet put in the 65 and somebody comes in and we start BS'ing and I tell him I'm looking for a 55 Buick 4dr for the family cruiser. He tells me that he know where one is and its some guy that has come into the shop before so the next day I go to his house and this is what I find.......

It was bought by this guys parents in 1955 right off the show room floor. They bought it and took it on a long trip around the North West. After the trip it came to Mountain Home, where I live, and was given to there son. He didn't drive it to much and it just sat, tell I pulled up!

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