Friday, January 28, 2011

LooKin HEr OveR

I got the old girl to the body shop and got to really look her over, I found all kinds of cool stuff in the trunk from 1955.One thing I didn't find that was nice is rust!  I plan on steam cleaning the motor and trying to get her to turn over tomorrow. The car only has 52000 miles on it and I was told was a good runner, we'll see. If she is I will pull the motor and trans and re-gasket and paint them up and then start on the suspension. My goal this year is to get the body off the frame and go through and paint the motor and frame. I'm also going to re-do the brake lines and lower the car about 3 inch's.




Wrecked Metals said...

lookin good. when was it last registered?

SlamBlam said...

Does it got a/c too?!

Luke said...

Matt, I don't know for sure but its been at least 10 years.

Ryan, I wish but that is somthing I will be looking to put in it!